Committee Members

The Core Curriculum Review Committee is co-chaired by John McGreevy, dean of the College of Arts and Letters and professor of history, and Michael Hildreth, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Science and professor of physics.

Other faculty members include:

  • Kasey Buckles, Economics
  • Peter Holland, Film, Television, and Theatre
  • Timothy Matovina, Theology
  • Leo McWilliams, Engineering
  • Mark Roche, German and Russian Languages and Literatures
  • Katherine Spiess, Finance
  • John Stamper, Architecture
  • Michelle Whaley, Biological Sciences
  • Rebecca Wingert, Biological Sciences
  • Rev. Hugh Page, Africana Studies and Theology, ex officio
  • Rev. Robert Sullivan, History, ex officio

The committee is staffed by David Bailey, associate vice president of strategic planning in the Office of the President; Matthew Zyniewicz, executive administrator to the dean and concurrent associate professional specialist in the College of Arts and Letters; and Kate Garry, director of communications in the College of Arts and Letters. Marie Blakey, executive director of academic communications in the Office of the Provost, served on the committee staff from September 2014–January 2016.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts with the committee using the email